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Authors: Dr. Ravi Kiran, Dr. Kishan Kumar Avula, Dr. Niharika Bammidi
10-Aug-2022 146 Views DOWNLOAD

The incidence of chronic kidney disease is increasing and patients receiving renal replacement therapy including hemodialysis, or renal transplantation will comprise an enlarging segment of the dental patient population. Periodontitis has been found to contribute to systemic inflammatory burden which may have significant effects on the medical management of the end stage renal disease patients. Aims: The aim of the study was to assess the periodontal status of patients receiving hemodialysis from Krishna District Andhra Pradesh. Methods: A cross-sectional study of 200 subjects, 100 subjects each in dialysis, and healthy group was conducted. Periodontal examination included simplified oral hygiene index, probing depth, clinical attachment loss and periodontal screening and recording index, are evaluated in both the groups. Results: In the present study, the periodontal parameters were elevated in the dialysis group as compared to the control group and the results were statistically significant. Investigation of the impact of duration of dialysis on the periodontal tissues of patients with CRF showed that higher levels of clinical parameters in the group of patients undergoing dialysis for more than one year but with-out any significant difference with group of patients on dialysis duration of less than one year. Conclusions: The results of the present study demonstrate significant association between the prevalence of severe periodontitis in hemodialysis patients compared to healthy individuals because of the negligence of oral hygiene.

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